Anthony Piscazzi

Victor Todaro

Jessica Horinger

Roxy Piscazzi stowed away on a boat to get to america.

When he met the love of his life, Lucia, he was forbidden from marrying her. So he kidnapped her and they started a family. Together they owned a bar in North Akron called Roxy’s Café. Lucia cooked in other notable restaurants in Akron. Lucia became known as one of the finest cooks in the area. After Roxy had passed, Lucia and their son John, opened a restaurant in the “Valley” known as the Wine Merchant. They focused “ It’s a poor host who seves his guests poor wine. For he must sit and drink it with them.”on great wine and great food. From that pioneering establishment grew many of Akron’s best cooks and chefs. Even after the Wine Merchant closed, the legacy lived on.

The Merchant Tavern was born out of the principles that the John “The Merch” Piscazzi Lived by. Don’t cut corners. Prepare every meal like you would for your family. Buy only the best ingredients, and keep your food simple but good.

Our mission is to provide every guest with top notch service, great food, great cocktails, beer, and wine. We will treat you like a guest in our home and do everything we can to make you feel comfortable. We want The Merchant Tavern to be a place where friends become family.


"It's a poor host who serves his guests poor wine, for he must sit and drink it with them."